The Contour Buddy System was conceived from a need to expand the MacDon FlexDrapers operating capabilities to being able to use the header in Flex mode while cutting at higher stubble heights than with the standard skid shoes.


If you operate your MacDon FlexDraper in rolling fields or want the most consistent stubble height for next year’s seeding, the Contour Buddy System works with the header to make this easier and more accurate.


The Contour Buddy System uses strategically located wheels under the MacDon FlexDraper to allow the headers unique float and flex system to follow ground contours at higher stubble heights.

You own the best header on the market…
Now you can make it work even better!

The MacDon FD70 / FD75 model header is designed to be used in either of two modes, Rigid or Flex. Flex mode is used to cut close to the ground while flexing as needed to follow the contour of the land. Rigid mode is used to cut off the ground for taller crops. A limitation of using larger headers in Rigid mode are their ability to contour rolling land.

The Contour Buddy System provides the mechanism to allow MacDon FlexDraper headers to be used in Flex mode while cutting at higher stubble heights. Considerably better contouring is possible when used in conjunction with the combine’s factory auto height control. The Contour Buddy System uses no added electronics.